projects / innovation



TEA have always been interested in innovation. Testing the possibilities of structures and new ways of dwelling. Drawing inspiration from Buckminster Fuller TEA was inspired to develop domes for practical and recreational use. Choosing from different geometries and fabrics for different functional uses and sites.



Industrial design

Starfin, based on the America's cup winning winged keel. TEA developed this surfboard fin, used by professional surfers like Cheyne Horan (pictured). The fin worked extremely well in all waves, especially those over 3 metres, providing more acceleration,more power in turns and more drive down the line


Tubby, made of flexible plastic sheet supports the new born baby gently in sufficient water to bathe him. The bath has been designed to provide the right degree of support for babies up to six months old. The bath can be slightly deflated for small babies and inflated more fully as the baby grows.

The Clymon, was developed for children to play and be educated in an enjoyable way. Easy to assemble and disassemble, created out of environmentally friendly materials.