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East Timor residence

If a building is unsafe, unhealthy or beyond repair, demolition is sometimes necessary. But if a building was built with care, integrity and love it would be sacriligeous to demolish. Laclubar, located in the mountains in the center of East Timor was built about 50 years ago by the district liu King Rai. After the 1975 Indonesian invasion of East Timor, the house was abandoned and it fell into disrepair. After independence in 2000 the family returned to East Timor to find a run down house which they assumed should be demolshed. The family wanted to symbolise the effort to rebuild the country with the rebuilding of their family home. After travelling to the house TEA advised the owners to engage a builder to rehabilitate the building. Tony Edye visited the house again in January 2004 to report on progress,the fundamental house is being retained and rehabilitated in as faithful fashion as economically feasible.


artic- Davis BasAntarctic competitione Living Quarter

Designed around the extremities of the Antarctic climate, TEA developed a concept of a shell within a shell to create a building that is striking yet practical and comfortable for the uses of this isolated location.